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Night of the Horse, presented by Mary’s Tack and Feed, is an action-packed equestrian variety show featuring unique and exciting top-notch entertainment to thrill the entire family! Performers include the One Arm Bandit, who has won the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association award 15 times, and Sylvia Zerbini, acclaimed star of Cavalia who will give a breathtaking At Liberty performance with 8-10 of her Arabian stallions. A unique Día de los Muertos act will feature Charro Tomás Garcilazo from Mexico City and his family demonstrating rope art and skilled horsemanship; and much more. The action packed show can be viewed from ringside dinner boxes with gourmet catered food or you can enjoy casual bleacher seating.

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The Entertainment

One Arm Bandit

Winner of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association specialty act again in 2016, John Payne, the notorious One Arm Bandit, returns to Night of the Horse. The One Arm Bandit, has earned this prestigious title for 15 years now. The Bandit will have you on the edge of your seat as he herds longhorn steer around the arena to unbelievable places. Beware! The Bandit has been accused of making the crowd go wild and stealing the show!

Sylvia Zerbini

Recently acclaimed star of Cavalia, Sylvia Zerbini, will be returning to Night of the Horse for the second year.  Sylvia has an amazing gift for orchestrating 8-10 Arabian Stallions in a breath taking At Liberty performance.  Watching her direct them with cues and the sound of her voice is truly mesmerizing.

Aaron Ralston

Aaron Ralston, a top-ranked professional horsemen, will perform at Night of the Horse for the first time ever.  Aaron will dazzle the audience with his amazing reining skills that have earned him a number of accomplishments around the world, including the World Equestrian Games in Germany.

Tomás Garcilazo

No stranger to Night of the Horse, Tomás Garcilazo, a native of Mexico City, will be performing a very unique and special act for Del Mar that has never been seen before. Tomás and his family will perform a Día de los Muertos act, revisiting their ancestral tradition by celebrating life in a colorful and joyful atmosphere complete with an Escaramuza Team and his roping. Tomás’ proficiency as a skilled horseman and rope artist has been described as one of the finest Charros presenting La Charrería today.

Spencer Rose

Spencer Rose started her entertaining career in the Rodeo arena and rose to the Cavalia Stage.  She will be coming to the Night of Horse to perform her spectacular Roman Riding and Trick Riding.  Spencer will be taking her knowledge from the circus and the rodeo arena to present a mixture of fire, whips, lasso and trick riding.

…and there’s more!
Be sure to bring your friends and family for an experience to remember for years to come.

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