2021 Del Mar National Horse Show Has Been Canceled due to COVID-19

Sponsorship Information

Elegance, excitement, excellence — these are the hallmarks of the Del Mar National Horse Show, one of the oldest and most prestigious equestrian competitions in the United States.

The horse industry in the U.S. contributes more than $39 billion in direct economic impact and generates about $102 billion in total spending, according to a detailed economic impact study (the Economic Impact of the Horse Industry in the U.S. was conducted by Deloitte Consulting in 2005, commissioned by the American Horse Council.)

Further, there are about 9.2 million horses in the U.S. The recreational segment accounts for $32 billion of the total economic impact, followed by the horse show segment at $28.8 billion. Fifteen states account for more than 51-percent of the U.S. horse population; California ranks second in horse ownership. In terms of total effect on the U.S. gross domestic product, California leads the way at $6.97 billion a year.


Amy Billburg

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Promotional Advertising

Program Distribution: 3,800

• National, regional, and local equestrian publications
• Regional and local newspapers and equestrian trade journals
• National, regional, and local general interest publications
• Promotional posters (75,000 inserted in publications and distributed throughout San Diego County)
• Local television
• Local radio
• Direct mail
• Email to more than 21,000 subscribers before, during, and after the Del Mar National Horse Show
• Placement on www.delmarnational.com (with an annual average of 49,500 sessions, 33,240 users, and 123,000 page views) and inclusion on www.facebook.com/delmarnational with a 4½ star rating from more than 2000 followers!

DMNHS Sponsorship Opportunities

Title sponsorships range between $25,000 and $75,000. Other sponsorships range from $2,000 to $15,000. Promotional packages range from $950 to $5,000.

We welcome the opportunity to work with our sponsors to create a custom package designed to meet their marketing objectives.

The following list, though not exhaustive, details some of the types of entitlements available during our three weeks of equestrian excellence:

Public Address Announcements

Public address announcements throughout chosen week with heavy emphasis during sponsored class.

Winning Cooler

Logo or name on winning cooler (Dressage and Hunter/Jumper Weeks only).

Video Advertising

Rotation of 30 or 60-second video ad on 16 ft. video display during Grand Prix of Del Mar, Evening of Musical Freestyles, or Night of the Horse.

Year-round Signage Opportunities

Year-round on- and off-site signage opportunities.

Hunter/Jumper Week Branded Jump

Jump with company logo or sponsor-provided jump in Del Mar Arena during Hunter/Jumper Week.

Arena Signage Opportunities

Two 18 in. x 96 in. signs in the Del Mar Arena.

VIP Boxes at Ringside

Each box includes 8 all-week box seats and 8 Grand Prix box seats with gourmet food basket and wine during Saturday night performance; Night of the Horse includes 6 box seats with catered dinner and wine.

Bike Rack Signage Opportunities

Bike rack signs prominently displayed throughout the equestrian complex for duration of contract.

VIP Plaque

Plaque displaying company name on VIP boxes.

Custom Signage Opportunities

Custom signage opportunities available with sponsorships.

VIP Room

VIP Room access for duration of contract (not available Western Week).