$25,000 Surfside Grand Prix

Presented by iJump Sports

Friday May5 at 6:30PM

$25,000 Surfside Grand Prix 2017-09-20T12:24:47+00:00

$25,000 Surfside Grand Prix

The $25,000 Surfside Grand Prix will feature anywhere from 35 – 75 finalist horses and riders as they go head-to-head and hoof-to-hoof to qualify for the chance to compete in the $100,000 Grand Prix of Del Mar.  But don’t let this “little sibling” status fool you!  As history can attest, this nail-biting qualifier event is jam-packed with drama and excitement as the best horse and rider pairs navigate a challenging course, vying to keep their path clear and make it under the time allowed of 74 seconds!  The $25,000 Surfside Grand Prix promises to be an energetic evening of intense competition!

Best of all, this event is FREE to the public!

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